I believe Holy Scripture is God’s infallible word. It existed before the beginning of time and will remain forever. TRUTH is ‘unchangeable’. It shows us the way of God and the way to God; there is a difference. Some people know about God but they do not ‘know Him’. God longs for you to know Him; and you can absolutely become a friend of God!

Some people claim there is no absolute Truth. They could only be correct if there is no One and Only True God. But they have not discovered how to prove their claim – and they never will.

The ‘One God’ thing confuses some people. Others embrace Him as the ‘trinity’; some think about God as ‘all the gods, calling Him any name that has been declared a ‘god”. Here, at “preacherlady.com”, you will get answers to many of your questions as I share invaluable tips I’ve learned on my faith journey.

Articles on this site unravel many mysteries in scripture – however, you will NOT find information for arguments with people who think them self too ‘intellectual’ for the ‘lowly‘ Christian, simply because they are unteachable. It is through humility, and not intellect that we FIND GOD. This is not to imply the Christian isn’t intelligent. Can humankind be smarter than the God Who made them? Therefore, it is in acknowledging this, humility begins to show. God rejects the proud person because they tend to think they are smarter than Him. Pride might be only in certain matters with the person and not consuming their over-all lifestyle, but pride anywhere is detestable to God. His attention is fixed on the humble in heart. If you want the undivided attention of God, admit that you are ‘lost’ without Him. He shares His secrets with those who love Him. Here is a secret many have learned: to become incredibly ‘brainy’ (smart, intelligent), get closer to God! (It is the only way my slow brain has made it so well in this big, bad world. God really is ENOUGH.)

What you will find here is pure truth for the true seeker of God. You will learn WHO you are, WHAT your purpose is, WHEN you have arrived, (or ‘if’ you ever will); WHERE you are going, WHY you are currently where you are and HOW to have relationship with the God of all creation. My videos illustrate truths that spotlight many questions in life – and sometimes they portray deep emotions which any survivor can relate to, even the skeptic. In all, my desire and prayer is that each article and video releases clarity to every person in need of the content. Otherwise, there is no purpose. To help someone find their way to God… the One and Only God Who Loves them more than they are capable of loving their own selfand far more than any mortal has the capacity to love, is my reason.

No person can possibly understand God in His Splendor and Glory nor even in His lowest humility. For illustration, our pets learn to understand and to ‘obediently or emotionally’ interact with us but their understanding is greatly limited. God gave humans more capacity to understand Him and to interact far greater than our pets. People are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of God. Even so, ‘ limited understanding’ and ‘emotions’ are only the beginning of our connection to God.

The Holy Bible has given us a jump-start from which we can be transformed from total ignorance to having deep understanding of God. Through Holy Scripture, we can go BEYOND just knowing ABOUT God – we can take in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ and with the DIVINE Help of His Holy Spirit we can become a POWER-SOURCE on earth, connected to the Greatest power in all Creation – even expanding to before Creation when there was Only God! In Christ Jesus we ENJOY the immortal person which we are, given to us by the very breath of God Himself! When we live ‘IN’ Jesus, we have access to all wisdom under the sun! We can simply only imagine how high we can soar before taking advantage of the ‘Sources’ God has made available to us.

One Truth remains anonymous to the unbeliever: A person must HEAR Truth before they can truly discover God, themselves and others – There MUST be a preacher. That is why I am called PREACHERLADY!

“How can they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without a preacher?” Romans 10:14

There are many preachers out there… some preach Truth… some preach lies… some preach both truth and lies, namely, confusion. How can you know who is right? There is a way to know! You must receive the SPIRIT OF TRUTH. I show you HOW to do that. Stay a while. In my own searches for purpose and Truth, I found answers that have brought me into a life filled with HOPE and POSSIBILITY. I found MERCY, GRACE and FORGIVENESS – Then came PEACE, JOY and CONTENTMENT, both in my relationship with Christ and in EVERY part of my life. You CAN find these too!

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God Wanted it Told so He Revealed it To a Woman First.